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  Company Background  


My # 1 concern when putting together a company was to look at peopleís attitude before I looked at what kind of an electrician they might be. To this day that is the driving force behind what kind of people we hire. An employee needs to be a good person first before we figure out what kind of worker they might be. You can teach work habits and electrical ability. Your overall attitude is something that you have inside you. You canít teach that. You either are a good person or youíre not. Over the years this philosophy has allowed me to put together a crew of guys that are good to work with. Cooperation on the job with customers, supervisors, other trades and fellow employees is something we look at all the time. Having good employees is what makes Desert Home Electric a great company.

Work Ethics:

Another concern when putting together a Company is, what kind of work ethic are you going to establish? Every company starts out saying they will always do the best job possible, but is that really how it works out? A workerís ability as an electrician is very important and goes without saying. However Ė is that electrician doing good quality work that he takes pride in? Over the years dealing with 1000ís of past employees, Iíve learned that taking pride in how good your job looks is not something you can teach. You can be taught all kinds of new aspects of being an electrician Ė but pride is something you either have or you donít. If you donít have it you donít last long at Desert Home Electric.

Employee Turn Over:

To have a good company you need a stable work force. We create good working conditions and a reason to like to come to work. The atmosphere at Desert Home Electric is no one works for me Ė we all work together. You canít just say that Ė it has to be the way it really is. We have been here since 1996 and half our guys have been here since 2000. There are a few guys that have been here since our first year. A stable work force means the company must be doing things right.

Word of Mouth:

Our ad in the yellow pages is just about our only advertisement. It has stayed the same size since we started Ė which is less than the size of a business card. So in reality we do no advertising. Our company has grown and picked up new customers by word of mouth only. This would also indicate we must be doing something right as a company. We live by the attitude of goods guys, clean work, good company to work for Ė and itís paid off with a great customer base. All of our employees are made to understand how this philosophy keeps everyone working.

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