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How we rate ourselves:

Every company feels like they are the best. Everyone can’t be the best so there has to be a realistic approach to who you are. Our company philosophy is that there are a lot of companies out there that might be as good as us – but no one does it better. WE stand by that. It means we are always trying to improve what we do day in and day out.

Customer Relations:

Our “company background” explains what kind of people we put out in the field and how we get our customers. How we keep our customers is just as important. Our attitude is we want to make our profit through long term relationships. This means we are not worried about making maximum profit on one job – we want to make a fair profit on a lot of jobs. We want our customers happy with the idea we did a good job with good guys at a fair price. Our approach when starting a relationship with a customer boils down to our experience. We have a lot of knowledge to help contribute to the overall success of a project. Our job is to make our customers aware of all their options. Then help them choose what direction to go in. We have all kinds of check lists and helpful hints to make any job go smoothly. As a customer we want you to know that we are not just working for you – but working with you to put together and complete a great project. Once we succeed in this goal we have another happy customer that lets other people know they had a good experience.


This is our take on how a job breakes down: 90% of any job is basic / easy tasks. Examples would be doing a bid, proper scheduling, man power, material flow, etc. 10% of the job is demanding and requires a lot of effort. That would include answering questions, returning phone calls, investigating a problem, going over changes, showing up for corrections within 24 hours, calling an inspector for answers to a problem, calling another sub for answers, showing up for appointments on time (all the time), doing service calls promptly, going back for miscellaneous pick-up. The list of small things that make up that 10% is what Desert Home Electric excels at. We understand that having 3 guys on a job for 2 weeks is easy – but after that crew is gone getting someone to come back for a 5 minute repair is hard. You as the customer spend more time trying to get the little things done than all the big things combined. The little things also cause everyone more stress. We understand that and conduct ourselves accordingly. Our attitude is we want to be the sub you worry about the least. Spend time worrying about something else – but with Desert Home Electric eventually you know that you have a sub you can count on. If we tell you we will be there we mean it. If we tell you we are going to do something we do it. Pretty simple – but I think everyone has experienced problems with contractors or people in general who don't understand this.

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